AmplitudePro Release History

Version 2.0, 23 April, 2008
- compatibility with Director 11 and Shockwave 11
- a Universal Binary version of the Macintosh xtra that runs natively on Intel and PPC Macs
- compatibility with Windows Vista
- backwards compatibility with Director 8 - 10.x on both Windows and Macintosh platforms
- enhanced control of amplitude smoothing
- support for sound members using 48KHz sample rate
- support for MP3 files using Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and Joint-Stereo encoding
- enhanced spectrum analysis to improve sensitivity at higher frequencies (above 8kHz)

Bug fixes include:
- invalid data output and occasional crashing when processing unsupported compressed WAVE files.
- incorrect data to be generated when the sound file has many cuepoints
- amplitude dB scale returning -1 for silence in some sound files
- normalize bug resulting in negative values when processing some linked sound files
- invalid data being generated with the resolution property = 1

Version 1.1, 25 March, 2004
- compatibility with Director MX2004, including support for JavaScript syntax and cross-platform publishing of Projectors.
- fixed a bug with large stereo sound files generating an error when the normalize xtra property was set to true.
- fixed a bug where incorrect summed mono spectrum values were being returned by the spectValue property in certain situations.
- fixed a bug where custom spectrum band widths were being reset to default values.

Version 1.0, 5 November, 2003
Initial release






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