FlashAmp Release History

Version 1.0, 30 November, 2000
Initial release

Version 1.0r2, 30 July, 2001
Release 2, fixed a bug saving preference files on some Windows systems.

Version 1.1, 21 November, 2002
Release 3, addressed a bug that caused preference file saving to fail on non-English operating systems (Mac and Windows) resulting in users having to re-enter user name/serial number data when starting FlashAmp.

Version 1.1.2, 11 March, 2003
Release 4, addressed a bug that caused a failure to recognize cue points in some .wav files in the Windows version of FlashAmp.

Version 1.1.2 for MacOS X, 3 June, 2003
Release 5, port of FlashAmp v1.1.2 for MacOS X released.

Version 2.0 for Windows, MacOS X and MacOS 8/9 released, 4 August, 2003
Major upgrade. Added spectrum analysis, batch processing, normalizing revised output file formats, etc. Fixed the following bugs:

  • 8-bit sounds returning lists with 0 values
  • sounds with large amounts of cuepoints resulting in erroneous values at the start of amplitude lists (Windows only)
  • very small sound files not being processed correctly

Version 2.1 of FlashAmp Pro and Standard, 25 April, 2004.
A maintenance release with the following changes:

  • The spectrum analysis used by FlashAmp Pro enhanced to improve sensitivity at higher frequencies (above 8kHz) so the bands for upper frequencies will contain larger values than FlashAmp Pro 2.0.
  • fixed a bug in FlashAmp Pro and Standard where some large stereo sound files would generate an error when Normalize was switched on.

Version 3.0 Pro, Standard and Lite for Windows and Mac OSX released, 30 March, 2006. Major upgrade. New interface, Preview window, additional amplitude and spectrum controls, custom band widths. Fixed the following bugs:

  • Amplitude dB scale returning -1 on silence in some sound files
  • Numerous normalizing bugs
  • A bug causing data to overlap frequency bands on some sound files
  • Added "stereo" info to loadVariables() output files
  • Incomplete cue point data in some stereo sound files
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0.1 Pro, Standard and Lite for Windows and Mac OSX released, 17 April, 2006. A maintenance release to address issues found in FlashAmp 3.0:

  • Fixed an issue with the storage of registration details that forced some users to re-enter their username and serial number.
  • Fixed an issue where some FlashAmp windows would appear on top of all other windows on Windows systems.

Version 3.1 Pro, Standard and Lite for Windows and Mac OSX released, 13 June, 2007. A maintenance release with the following changes:

  • A new Preferences setting to restore the configuration of the application to the same state that it was on last exit.
  • Restrictions when running FlashAmp unregistered have been eased - output data arrays now contain 60 elements, equivilent to 5 seconds of audio data at 12 frames per second.
  • Custom band widths are now retained when processing different sound files (dependant on the sample rate of each sound) [FlashAmp Pro only].
  • When custom band widths are in use during a batch process, any sound file with a sample rate that's incompatible with the current custom band range will automatically be processed using the optimum default band widths for the sound [FlashAmp Pro only].
  • A bug producing invalid data output and occassional crashing when processing unsupported compressed WAVE files.
  • Output files are now named correctly when processing sound files with long file names (more than 31 characters) on Mac OS X.
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes.







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