Tech Specs

Macromedia/Adobe Flash™ compatibility

[Because FlashAmp generates arrays of sound data, it will always be useable in Flash - or anywhere else. Nonetheless, FlashAmp has been tested with the following versions of Flash]:

  • Flash 11 (CS5)
  • Flash 10 (CS4)
  • Flash 9 (CS3)
  • Flash 8
  • Flash MX2004 Professional and MX2004 (Flash 7)
  • Flash MX (Flash 6)
  • Flash 5 (requires reformatting of arrays to Flash 5 lists)

Supported sound formats

  • AIFF (uncompressed)
  • WAVE (uncompressed)
  • SWA (Shockwave Audio)
  • MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) including Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and Joint Stereo encoding

Supported sample rates

  • 48000Hz
  • 44100Hz
  • 22050Hz
  • 11025Hz

Supported bit depths

  • 16bit
  • 8bit


Maximum resolution (frame rate): Amplitude=100fps, Spectrum=46fps @ 48kHz sample rate
Maximum scale: Amplitude 16bit = 32767, Amplitude 8bit = 128, Spectrum = 32767

Spectrum range, minimum low frequency: 20Hz
Spectrum range, maximum high frequency: Nyquist value (sound sample rate)/2

Minimum system requirements

Windows Macintosh

Pretty much anything up to and including Vista - with some rough edges around preference saving. No guarantees after that.

Pretty much anything provided it's OSX up to and including 10.6 (Snow Leopard). No guarantees after that.






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